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KEA Advertising is a full service advertising agency with over 20 years of experience in the ecommerce industry. Our motto is "Sales Overnight. Branding Over Time." because we can turn the switch on and get you qualified traffic that converts quickly to a sale while also creating a memorable brand at the same time.

We are rare in the ecommerce industry in that we are experts at both ecommerce marketing and ecommerce web development so you can use one shop to fulfill all of your needs. This is helpful in making sure there is synergy between your marketing and your website. Our talent is in-house and we never outsource which gives us a tremendous advantage in making sure things are getting done the right way and that you are getting the most out of all of your ecommerce efforts.

You're great at product sourcing, fulfillment and merchandising. We're great at getting people to your website who want to buy now! Let us help scale your ecommerce site to levels you never thought were possible.

Ecommerce Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

We understand the search engine algorithms and can help you grow your business with search engine marketing campaigns. Our ad split testing, keyword research and match type optimization produce high click through rates and a low cost per click in turn creating high return on investment.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google shopping is highly effective for ecommerce clients. It allows an image of your product to show up above the text ads in Google when people search for products you sell. Since humans are visual creatures, pictures sell. Allow us to maintain the complexity of a Google Shopping campaign so you don't have to.

Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms today covering Facebook, Instagram and third party websites/apps. Facebook Ads can be complex. Understanding the best strategies, settings, objectives and ad types can be confusing. KEA can help you get direct response, measurable results.

Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

KEA Advertising can develop an email marketing campaign based on your customer database or third party data. We handle all aspects of email marketing including creative, deployment and tracking. We are CAN SPAM compliant to ensure you the highest delivery rates.


Visitor Retargeting

It's not often in the business world that you get a second chance to convert a prospect into a customer. Retargeting allows you to "follow" prospects that have visited your website around the web and show them ads on 3rd party websites. We are adept at getting results with both banner retargeting and dynamic product retargeting.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media isn't like any other media type your business may have used. There is a fine line between creating loyal & responsive repeat customers and annoying people to the point where they are completely turned off from your business. It takes knowledge & skill to run a successful social media campaign. We have both.

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying

The future is here and the future is programmatic. Using hundreds of data selects and inventory from 1000's of websites you can get very targeted, scalable traffic at a fraction of the cost of buying direct. Our optimization algorithms ensure you are paying the lowest possible rates for the highest possible quality of traffic.

Analytics Analysis


Many businesses use Google Analytics to measure basic metrics such as visitors, bounce rate and time on site. We dig deeper and are able to help you make important advertising decisions by examining holistically what happens after the initial click.

Custom Web Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Code is the infrastructure that makes the web work. We are able to develop custom solutions to address problems your business may face. Using the latest web technologies (HTML5, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Responsive Web Design, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Shopify) & more - our in-house ecommerce development team is ready and able to serve.